4. Karlsruher Bogennacht

Bogenschießen bei Fackelschein

Karlsruhe. (ver) - Ein Event der besonderen Art findet am Samstag, 29. Juli, beim Polizeisportverein Karlsruhe statt. Ab 19:30 Uhr lädt die Abteilung Bogenschießen zur vierten Karlsruher Bogennacht ein.

Bei dieser spektakulären Veranstaltung messen sich Bogenschützen von verschiedenen Vereinen aus der Region auf dem PSV-Bogenplatz in der Edgar-Heller-Straße 21.


Der erste Durchgang findet bei Dämmerung statt, der zweite – spektakulär - bei Fackelschein, was das ganz besondere Flair dieses Turniers ausmacht.


Zuschauer sind zu dieser Veranstaltung herzlich willkommen, für das leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt.




Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Heike Schwitalla


Scene: kill god mode!Kevin Durant "3 + 1" on effort

Knight's method clearly, today is in order to cling to garage, do not give him any possibility, and Kevin durant is always one on one with defense. But garage or under heavy defensive try to find opportunities, such as confront stephen curry shoes low, he mobilized, operate the other fear his border ability garage easily have scored two points.

The last 80 seconds inside first half, durant have missed shots from outside, your basket three players are knights, including Thompson, lebron, as a result, the Treasury rushed to the basket from the long position, unexpectedly the offensive rebounds in the knight encirclement! Then this individual points ball durant, exactly who finished scores!

And the second half, knight to defensive strategy is apparently shaken, they don't have an excessive amount double again, help, strangely enough, JR in 1 in 1 against Arsenal, and directly put the particular garage was pushed to the ground.

Sure enough, this knight defensive shaken curry shoes immediately after scoring started rising inside his Arsenal, outside their 3-pointer by continuous, then he was given the ability to just like Kevin durant got chance inside first half. After three points from the database is still hit, he this section one bomb within the 14 points.

Today can be June 1, the time kevin durant shoes may be the international children's day, it seems in the "primary school" is amongst the holiday today.

Small garage finish I rested a lot of the holiday to battle, he is still the contribution on the brilliant stroke, but likewise pass a 3-pointer by simply Kevin durant. The final 3 minutes, garage off in front of schedule, because the activity had no suspense.

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